2 hours - $50 donation

Access to all the parts of the farm:

  • The north-south orchard

  • The east-west orchard

  • The vineyard rows

  • The greenhouse

  • The row gardens

  • The watermelon rows

  • The chicken coops

  • The red picnic tables and white/red barn

  • The red tractor/red trailer

1 day - $100 donation

Access to all the parts of the farm:

  • Everything in the two hour package

  • Morning and Night Sessions- sunrise/sunset

Year Pass - $250 donation

Year round access minus key farm event dates

EXCLUSIVE 1 year - $5000 donation

Your gift will help fund our non profit farm and will cause all our other licensing to cease for one year.

We will reinvest all proceeds back into the farm.

Photographer Licensing

Photo by Annah Cloud


Call 480-242-4154 to book a photo shoot.

You must schedule at least two weeks in advance - and we will have the sites where you want to photograph cleaned up, pruned up, dry, and looking tip top for you.  This is a working farm that requires irrigation - so our timing must work together.  Our farm grows apricots, peaches, grapes, and many other row vegetables.

Photo by Art Martinez
Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 10.59.00 PM.pn
Photo by Kristal Seymore
Photo by Annah Cloud
Photo by Art Martinez
*discounts available for members