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Monoculture kills; Diversity Rules

A healthy farm, a farm that has the hand of good stewardship upon it, seeks to bring the original stewardship of God back into order. This includes the beautiful diversity of animals and plant life. A healthy farm relies on diversity for abundance. A monoculture on a farm brings death to the land. One may have five acres of jalapeños growing from transplanted starts but it is not normal, natural, and it is not healthy. Nature demands diversity for health. This is why smart farms have crop rotations. It is why even "smarter" farms plan for animal and plant life diversity from the start. Individual plants suck out certain necessary elements and mininerals - and after a while, if the farm is left in a monoculture, those minerals are depleted and the earth under these plants die. https://www.regenerative.com/magazine/six-problems-monoculture-farming The latest movie "The Biggest Little Farm," talks about the absolute necessity of diversity on a farm:

In their case they need ducks to keep down the snail population, and chickens to keep down the larvae and fly population, and owls to keep down the groundhog invasion - and certain plants to aerate the soil, and others to bring nitrogen to the soil, and still others to help retain the water on the farm, and to avoid erosion.

Do, we see, as a community, how vital it is for us to embrace diversity in our Churches, in our community, in our agriculture and in our farms. God has created a system that requires us working together and getting over our problems with one another.

Diversity is built into the plan from the beginning. Monoculture kills, diversity not only rules, diversity thrills.

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