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When Justice and Peace Kiss.

A farm can (and should be) be a place where mercy and truth hold hands, where justice and peace may kiss.

A farm should make money, but a farm should leave something as a sign of mercy: something for the birds, something for the bees, something extra for those in need. We must return to the ground and to others from our surplus.

In the ancient Judea tradition you were supposed to leave a "remainder" to feed weary travelers and sojourners, those who were hungry or in need.

In 2018, when we acquired the property we gave away everything it had to offer. Grapes, what peaches could be found, and peach firewood from the trees that were cut down.

The farm will continuously seek to be a place where justice and peace may kiss. We will treat the land as it is: a gift. We will honor the creator and his creation by caring for the land, replenishing the land - and making it a place of peace between us and the community.

There may be instances in which, as we are serving others, some neighbors will be upset. Not everybody wants "to be men and women for others," not everybody sees that as a value. This is where justice must trump peace. However, our goals will always include striving to be good neighbors, giving more than we take. We will seek peace with all men and women, seeking to serve them, wash their feet, and to make this community full of beauty, truth, meaning, and hope. May mercy and peace kiss at King and Queen Farm.

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